Like Father, Like Son??? Lee Kwang Soo, in the 2nd pic, is as cute as button!!

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More music coming soon

Hello everyone! I’m trying finish my music set and fulfill requests. Expect them coming soon. I just started my first year of college so I am getting used to things :)

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[PHOTO] 130913 Lee Kwang Soo MAMBO Fan sign @ Lotte Department Store Korea
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Episode 162 Intro Gifset

Hello followers! Due to only uploading a certain MB of music per day my idol/rm intro gifset will be finished within the next couple of days. Expect more tomorrow please!

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Episode 162 [2/7]: “No No No” - Eonjena himi dwae Gary.

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crying because ji suk jin.

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Sunggyu being afraid to jump while making Kwangsoo’s expression from three years ago~ \(*^▽^)/

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Running Man ep162 - Lee Joon vs. Kwangsoo

I can’t breathe omg

I didn’t know this was what it was based on. Now I am crying.

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Episode 162: Cause you’re my destiny…

Episode 162: Cause you’re my destiny…

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Episode 162 [1/7]: “Be Mine” - Ha-finite

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